30 April 2018: Note that this server is expected to be shut down imminently.

Warning: this is a beta version. Please report all problems to the CCPN development team.

This interface is limited to import of files into a new CCPN project, and export of files from a CCPN project.
Please use the Tcl/Tk interface for more complex operations (e.g. import of data into an existing CCPN project).

If you use this resource, please cite Vranken WF et al. (2005). Proteins 59, 687-696.

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The CcpNmr FormatConverter web interface was designed to facilitate conversions between any existing NMR data formats and types. The underlying code is based on the existing CcpNmr FormatConverter code written by Wim Vranken, and was interfaced to this web site in a collaborative effort by the team from the CCPN Project, the EBI in Hinxton, and Spronk NMR Consultancy.

Beta version

This is the beta version of the CcpNmr FormatConverter web interface and is not production stable. Please feel free to try any conversion and report any bugs or strange behaviour to the mailing list.

What the web interface does

The FormatConverter web interface aims to facilitate the most common and simple conversions from one format to another. In addition, it can create new or import existing CCPN projects, and makes them available for download at the end of the conversion session.

What the web interface doesn't do

The web interface is not designed to provide all NMR format inter-conversion possibilities. For more complicated conversions and CCPN project manipulations we advice to use the built in functionality in CcpNmr Analysis, which has been more extensively tested and provides a higher level of user interaction.

Documentation and help

For the full help documentation, please visit the WeNMR FormatConverter Documentation page.

How the web interface works

The web interface was designed to guide the user through the format conversion process in a series of simple, intuitive steps on various web pages. The steps are:

  • Starting a format conversion session from a new or from an existing project
  • Selection of the input data format
  • Selection of the input data types
  • Importing data
  • Selection of export data format(s)
  • Selection of export data types(s)
  • Exporting and downloading data
where the scheme on the right describes the pathways between the different pages.

FormatConverter work flow